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وظائف شاغرة في مؤسسة نهر الاردن

Saturday, May 23, 2020

وظائف ادارية واجتماعية شاغرة لدى مؤسسة نهر الاردن | واحة الوظائف

Case Manager

Core Responsibilities:

Prepares comprehensive case studies, needs assessments of received cases and makes appropriate recommendations; follows up on active cases and conducts periodic site- re-investigations;
Provides on-going case management requirements, including receiving clients at office, documentation, and data entry/modification;
Participates, as requested, in workshops, intended to improve professional knowledge and skills relevant to his/her field of work and transmits such acquired knowledge to other social workers;
Conducts individual/family interviews to recommend interventions based on a designed specific intervention plan and to address the needs of families; Identifies shortcomings and assists with necessary remedies;
Monitors and supports prevention, treatment and reintegration, according to programme plan and schedule;
Supports the Psychosocial Counsellors in technical and administrative matters relating to the different activities of the programme;
Facilitates the work of the counsellors by carrying out awareness activities on the psychosocial needs of children and their families;
Maintains a professional and approachable attitude towards patients, respecting their confidentiality;
Serves as the first point of contact for patients and possibly refers patients to Psychosocial Counsellors, depending on individual need;
Maintains a database of counselled patients, and manages reporting as requested by the Supervisor;
Participates in the development and distribution of awareness raising materials as related to mental health, psychosocial well-being, optimum development of children and adolescents;
Works with supervisor to arrange case meetings for complex cases and ensure cases receive multidisciplinary support;
Manages cases in line with existing procedures, adhere to standard documentation processes and follow best practice guidance;
Ensure that data collection and storage respect data protection protocols and confidentiality principle.

- Lives in Aqaba
- Bachelor Degree in Psychology or any related field.
- Experience in case management within NGOs
- Experience with dealing with cases of different kinds of abuse.

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