Human Resources Manager

Al layan for logistic services is looking to employ human resources manager,
primary responsibilities include: -  

Preparing and implementing the annual plan for human resources and administrative affairs in the company to support the overall goals of human resources and the company's strategic goals.
Managing all activities related to human resources and administrative affairs in the company by reviewing plans related to developing systems and programs for human resources, including selection, appointment, training, employee relations, salaries, benefits, incentives, and others.
Monitor the overall performance of the department compared to the results and targets previously set in order to ensure that the performance is in the required direction and that preventive and corrective actions are implemented in this regard.
Suggesting career strategies for managing all operations related to the Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Department in coordination with its departments and following up their implementation.
Applying policies and making sure that the application process is efficiently running and making the necessary adjustments when needed.
Managing the company's performance appraisal system and providing support to department managers to ensure that it can complete the performance appraisal process effectively.
Overseeing the process of determining the training and development needs of company employees, preparing annual training plans for employees, and implementing training and development activities in coordination with all organizational units in the company.
Supervising matters related to employees, including vacations, departures, promotions, retirement, compensation and benefits related to reprimand, termination of services, resignations, claims, transactions, payroll, travel reservations and stationery.
Providing advice, technical advice and proposals to the CEO in the fields and tasks assigned to the Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Department.

Bachelor degree in business or any related field
6-9 years’ experience in transportation field.
Analytical mindset and good problem-solving skills.
Outstanding organizational & leadership skills.

Please email your CV to with a subject " HR Manager "
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