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تعلن شركة DHL Express للنقل في الاردن عن حاجتها الى :

Contact Centre Advisor Temporary - Jordanian Only

Overall Role 

The Call Centre Advisor is responsible for answering customer calls and inquiries ensure customers bookings and traces are actioned as per network standards and provide a competent, courteous, efficient and proactive point of contact for customers both internal and external. The advisor is also responsible in helping to achieve revenue targets through effectively promoting and selling DHL’s products and value added services.

Reports to 

Frontline Supervisor

RCS Level O


  Key activities 

Overall goals / 

Typical measures

 To accept and register customer bookings for a range of DHL services and accurately input relevant booking data into DHL applications 
Knowledgeably offer customers the most suitable DHL service based on their unique needs, and actively attempting to close the transaction by converting their enquiries and securing their bookings.
Identify potential for selling additional services and products (e.g. Insurance, time definite delivery, packaging, account facilities, etc) during the course of interacting with customers and proactively sells these to secure additional/new revenue sources for DHL.  This includes asking customers the appropriate questions to match their needs against value-added services, professionally offering and convincing them on the benefits of the services, handling their objections or reservations (if any) and closing the transaction by successfully securing their purchase of the offered services.
  To effectively respond to all customer enquiries regarding DHL’s services, by consistently and confidently providing customers with accurate information on prices, transit times, customs paperwork requirements, packaging, country-specific requirements (including potential customs clearance delays), straight forward account and sales questions. To lodge a trace when necessary ensuring that the customer receives service from Customer care regarding their issue.
Exercise professionalism and provide first class customer service bearing in mind that all DHL customers have an express requirement, and are looking for immediate and hassle-free solutions.
Confidently and knowledgeably handle customer complaints while maintaining composure, and take all possible actions to resolve issues to the customers’ expectations without compromising DHL’s position by over-committing to customers , or being unrealistic in what is offered.
Ensuring that all interactions with customers are in accordance with the Mystery Shopper guideline scripts.
All key activities are monitored monthly through Quality Monitoring calls, one to one coaching and side by side coaching and linked to incentive scheme.
Achieve Regional  QM score or over
( As per attached KPI’s Document ) 
All procedures need to be adhered to so as to achieve both individual and department measurements in revenue generation and Service Excellence. 
Achieve individual monthly SII / TDX targets and cash targets
  Contribute to Customer Service Department goals, which include: 
Answer all customer queries at time of call, and provide the customer with service information on demand.
  Department targets set as per Global KPIs: Standard Targets as per GMB KPI’s(key performance indicators) and Regional (Attached KPI’s Document )
Feedback related information to customers, CSA’s, Team Leaders, Sales, Operations and relevant DHL network stations. 
Show empathy, patience and support to new team members
Adhere to existing Customer Service procedures as outlined on the department intranet, (MYNET) while maintaining discretion to exercise flexibility to customers’ needs within reasonable limits in consultation with CS Team Leaders and Managers.
Help achieve dept MSP score   or over

 Liaise with all DHL employees in a professional and cooperative manner at all times, and consistently strive to promote a positive team spirit and adhering to DHL’s values at all times. 
Undertake any other related tasks or responsibilities as reasonably directed or required. 
Behaviour must at all times be in accordance with DHL’s code of conduct, values and policies. 
Highlight areas for improvement with suggested solutions to improve DHL’s procedures, technology and service to positively enhance our customers’ experience with DHL.
Be aware of the individual and department performance indicator requirements and strive to consistently achieve these

المهارات والخبرات المطلوبة

Skills / Qualifications

Key capabilities


Is reliable and follows reasonable directions from Team Leaders/Managers including the observance of DHL’s policies, procedures, code of conduct and values.  Is punctual at all times. 

Customer Orientation

Works hard to exceed customer expectations by prioritising customer needs and having a genuine willingness/eagerness to please them. 


Remains calm under pressure, responding well to change and remaining positive despite setbacks.  


Communication Skills 

Is well spoken and possesses an excellent command of the English language.  Tone is cheerful, confident, professional and courteous.  


Interpersonal Skills 

Relates well with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities and is able to build effective business relationships quickly over the phone. 


Is proactive and takes responsibility for own actions and decisions within the scope and boundaries of the role.  Knows where to locate relevant information and checks facts and data. 


Commitment to Excel 

Achieves results and willingly tackles demanding tasks. Sets challenging personal goals and strives to achieve individual and departmental targets.  Responds well to coaching for improvement and actively participates in own development. 

Attention to Detail

Is thorough and provides attention to detail to all tasks undertaken.  Stays focused on the details of the job, no matter how small. Checks and monitors own work to ensure 100% accuracy.

Sales Orientation 

Proactively identifies opportunities for converting customer enquiries to bookings and selling DHL’s suite of value-added services and products. Displays enthusiasm and persistence in securing sales with customers.

Problem Solving

Understands potential difficulties and their causes.  Generates workable solutions and makes rational judgements allowed within the scope of the role.

Works cooperatively with others to achieve individual and group goals. Accomplishes own tasks in support of team goals and works cooperatively within teams.  

Planning and Organisation

The job holder must be highly organised in keeping records of traces / special requests, daily follow – ups and plan a course of action to ensure that set targets and goals are achieved consistently.

  EssentialPrevious experience dealing with a wide range of customers face to face or over the phone in busy service industries
Excellent spoken and written command of the English language with a cheerful, confident, professional and courteous tone
Excellent interpersonal skills and relates well with a wide range of people/customers 
Experience in resolving straight forward customer conflict
Demonstrated excellent attention to detail
Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a busy team
Basic computer skills including the ability to navigate around a computer
Ability to work flexible rostered hours, including scheduled breaks
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
Tolerance for stress in a fast paced working environment

Previous call centre experience
Previous experience of telephone

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