United Cable Industries Co. Is hiring for Personnel Manager, with the following specifications:-
· Has the Leadership to manage, recruit, select, interview and train employees either new staff or current ones.

· Has the ability to provide orientations to Newly selected employees on the company rules and regulations and that complete job assignments

· Has the ability and be responsible for execute entire personnel related activities for manager P. Sit.... employees relation atmosphere

· Has the experience of properly documenting employee’s personnel transactions, medical, and social insurance, coverage, and how to compile employee’s compensations benefits.

· Have organized skills to keep back of documents and files / ensure that entire contracts and page work are completed and returned correctly on time.

· Has the experience of reviewing the employees performances deferring their strengths and weaknesses

· Has the experience in planning the outstanding employees carrier for high position

· Keep control of main organizational chat and sub-charts as approved by top management

· Has the experience in reacting out with Labor office and labor unions.

· Has good skills with computer, communication and conceptual skills

· Ensure the handle HR-related issues and problems complying with established policies and procedures

Job Requirements
· Bachelor degree.

· Great knowledge of labor law is a must.

· Manufacturing background “preferred.

· Experience not less than 7 years in personnel function.

· Excellent communication skills.

· Planning skills.

· Good knowledge of English language

Please send CV to email: ucic@uciccables.com

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