An NOC engineer is required to work on 6-month, part-time, remote consulting project.
You will be a joining a work group that will produce a comprehensive advisory package for the construction of a new network operations center. 

The project's key deliverables include all aspects of a Network Operations Center, such as: 
Preventive, proactive and corrective troubleshooting 
Incident analysis and repair actions
Proactive maintenance to prevent incidents and optimize network
Application of corrective measures based on performance management and indicators trend analysis
Planned work activities
Network rollouts 
Software upgrades  

The project also includes a key requirement to draft a training program to increase technical skills of various teams involved in deployment and operations activities in the network

To be part of the consulting team, you will have:

A Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication or related fields
Good working ability in English
2 years of experience in fields listed above

This is a part time research, analysis and writing role, and is expected to be delivered remotely from home.

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