We are looking for Social Media Account Manager to be responsible for the company's social media accounts, the job will be done remotely with a long-term period as long as the employee is assuring his abilities and commitment to Coubonat Company's goals and vision.

-Create creative contexts.
-Develop and manage strategic account plans.
-Response to feedback and audit according to it.
-Work with the team to uncover better strategic plans that can help in the growth of our company.

-Proven Experience in managing social media accounts.
-Ability to learn and assimilate new ideas.
-Full commitment to deadlines.
-Complete knowledge in both Arabic and English languages.
-A background in Design is a plus.
-A background in Marketing is a plus.
-a High-Knowledge in one of the below fields:
- Health and fitness 
- Beauty

If you have the previous qualifications, please send us your CV to the following email Recruit@coubonat.com
And mention the field that you can fulfill

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