industrial company in Muwwaqar looking for “Mechanical Engineer” to follow up on the establishment and maintenance of all mechanical works in the factory machines. Roles and responsibilities: 1- Planning the daily work in the factory and distributing the work to the maintenance employees 2- Organizing the employees' time in the Maintenance team, issuing instructions and directions, and defining tasks for them. 3- Supervising and working on the maintenance and repair of machines used in the production process. 4- Determine the needs of the necessary materials and equipment for the maintenance department and request them from the Procurement Directorate in the Central Administration. 5 - Participation in selecting the department's employees, determining the necessary training needs for them, and making recommendations thereof. 6- Supervising, organizing and following up the heads of the electrical and mechanical departments to develop preventive maintenance plans. 7- Working on documenting maintenance operations and opening a file for each machine separately to know its cost. 8- Submitting periodic and annual reports of achievements, problems and failures to the plant management. Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Experiences: must be at least 10 years in the field of industrial machinery maintenance If you are interested, please send your CV to:

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