Are you an "engineer of fun?" Do you have a passion for building core and foundational learning skills? Do you want a meaningful job teaching in early education, setting kids on a lifelong path of success?

We got you.

TLIM Preschool is seeking a dedicated and passionate Preschool Teacher. This is a great position for someone who is creative, patient, and loves working with kids.


• Assist in creating lesson plans

• Manage classroom behavior plans

• Provide individual and group instructions

• Teach pre-academic skills (but make it fun!)

• Tend to the hygienic, medical, and nutritional needs of all students

• Create engaging and stimulating activities, fostering growth of the mind and self


• Bachelor degree in child care or related field 

• minimum of 2 years experience in working with kids 

•Compassion, patience, and a strong passion for early teaching.

If interested please send your resume to :

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