We are looking for a fresh graduated Engineer with ability to work on-site, directing on-site functions, and enhancing efficiency and customer service.
Duties for the Field Engineer will include maintenance, make installation and programming for:
- Industrial Control Devices
- Low Current Systems

The ideal candidate for this role should possess excellent technical skills, be a good communicator, and pay meticulous attention to detail. The Field Engineer should diagnose and resolve problems, improve efficiency, mitigate risk, encourage business growth.

Field Engineer Responsibilities:
- Troubleshooting and testing equipment.
- Modifying designs.
- Ensuring durability.
- Improving efficiency and safety.
- Offering technical support.
- Conducting site inspections.
- Reporting to department manager.

Field Engineer Requirements:
Degree in Electrical or Electromechanic or related engineering field.
Excellent problem-solving skills.
Good communication skills.
Strong multitasking abilities.
Analytical and critical thinking skills.
Be versatile and service oriented.
Time and task management.
Computer literacy.
Applying to career@goffran.com

Jordanian Engineers Association training program is welcome

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